We tie together loose ends.

We bring every aspect of building management rights together to empower better living spaces for the benefit of all stakeholders.

We are the Australian Management Rights Advisory.

We are Management Rights strategists paving the way to building and maintaining better communities. We specialise in structuring optimum management rights transactions in all areas of long-term building management agreements from concept to completion.

  • Building Manager & Letting Agent, JNJ Real Estate Pty Ltd Winnie Tran,
    "Over a number of years we have developed an effective professional relationship with AMR Advisory who have supported our business growth with portfolio acquisitions and their specialised consulting services. AMR Advisory’s guidance and insight into the Owners Corporation industry provides our business with valued assistance and pragmatic solutions that enable us to build and maintain strong client relationships."
  • Building Manager, Kaza Estates Pty Ltd Van Nguyen,
    "AMR Advisory has provided invaluable support during my transition into the Building Management industry. Their knowledge of management rights in strata buildings is impressive and a much needed resource for building managers. These guys are not just deal brokers – they truly are the only management rights advisory!"
  • Founder, BPM Developments Jonathan Hallinan,
    "We have worked closely with AMR Advisory for many years, successfully implementing commercially viable management rights agreements on a diverse range of buildings with customised solutions for each development. The successful implementation and continuation of these agreements has definitely contributed to the preservation of our original vision for each project by ensuring that the specification of building management operations and services to residents on handover does not diminish."

Our Services

We are guardians of the property’s vision.

We deliver various Management Rights Agency Services. Transforming a necessary service into an asset designed specifically for the long-term benefit of all stakeholders.

We are the Owners Corporation conduit.

We deal in all matters of Owners Corporation. Supporting the Owners Corporation in establishing efficient and effective maintenance operation systems.

We are the pillars of productive building management.

We structure optimum building management, caretaking, and letting agreements. Bolstering the building manager’s capability and ensuring the property’s long-term management and maintenance.

We start with the end in mind.

From inception to build and beyond, we continuously cultivate the growth and success within our community of clients by providing ongoing support and advice.

Be a part of Australia’s Building Management Rights revolution.

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