About Us

  • Thor Bloomfield
    Thor Bloomfield
    Director & Co-Founder

    Thor has brought together a collective of building management rights strategists to bring about an industry revolution to the Melbourne management rights market. With an unparalleled zest for life and all things property, Thor is driven to create better living environments and communities for investors and residents alike.

  • Emily Bloomfield
    Emily Bloomfield
    Management Rights Strategist

    Emily bestows AMR Advisory building managers with pragmatic operations support, drawing on her decade experience as Chief Operations Officer of a Building Management and Owners Corporation company. Emily’s experience in construction and industrial design provides developer clients with confidence that their building management agreement is structured with a true understanding of the end user and operator experience.

  • Claire Foley
    Claire Foley
    Management Rights Strategist

    Claire’s 20 years Owners Corporation Management experience provides her with the genuine ability to structure holistic solutions for AMR Advisory clients. Claire’s wealth of knowledge and innate ability to build and nurture crucial relationships empowers her to connect the right developer and opportunity to the right building manager. Claire brings an extensive network of property developers and building managers to AMR Advisory.

  • Chandrina
    Administration Manager

    Chandrina is a seasoned Administrative Professional of 18 years. Having held senior administration positions within various business fields, her expertise in data management systems and schedule coordination ensures optimum efficiency in business operations. Chandrina is able to interact directly with all clients and has increased customer satisfaction across multiple businesses.


  • The Australian Management Rights Advisory is the result of an evolution that began when its founder, Thor Bloomfield, was the sole Director of MTB Australia, an Owners Corporation management business. MTB Australia specialised in the management of new strata developments in Victoria and Queensland.

    During this time, a Melbourne developer wanted to implement the concept of Management Rights in his 81 Lot development in Clayton. As Management Rights were mostly unheard of in Melbourne and Thor had no experience in such dealings, he embraced the challenge and travelled to Queensland to learn everything he could about the Management Rights concept.

    With Management Rights firmly established in Queensland, Thor studied Queensland legislation, markets, and risks associated with these agreements being bought and sold by building managers. Col Myers, one of the most prominent lawyers in Australia and New Zealand specialising in management rights provided Thor with a clear understanding of fair agreement terms, structuring equitable duties schedules, and developer obligations concerning Owners Corporation disclosure requirements.

  • The Australian Management Rights Advisory is the result of an evolution that began with Thor Bloomfield.
  • Convinced that this concept was better than the old way, and in recognition of the value of management rights agreements as individual businesses and saleable assets, Thor was determined to propel this concept into the Victorian strata sector.

    Through his Owners Corporation business, Thor and his team began introducing the concept of management rights to his developer connections, building a pipeline of new developments with management rights. Due to exponential growth in demand, establishing management rights became a self-sustaining business.

    While in Queensland for business, Thor met a building manager who was keen to partner with him to build a business for management rights – and MBMR (Melbourne Brisbane Management Rights) was born. With a combined database of almost 4,500 people consisting of operators and buyers and two full-time Business Development Managers, MBMR continued its rapid growth trajectory.

    Conversations with developers were evolving. There were mixed multi-use high rise million-dollar developments that required full-time concierge, security services, pool maintenance, and other specialty contractors. To coordinate the structure of these types of “off the plan” building management agreements, MBMR began working closely with development teams – including lawyers, surveyors and project managers.

  • Conversations with developers were evolving... We began working closely with development teams.
  • MBMR set itself apart from Queensland brokers as developers were confident with the holistic approach and additional consulting services as opposed to treating management rights as a “deal” or just a business to sell.

    After four years of successful partnership, personal priorities and business focus deviated between the partners. It was time to part ways. As Thor lives in Melbourne, he retained ownership of MBMR.