Building Management

Building Manager

A Building Manager is engaged based on an established schedule of services required to coordinate and arrange required preventative maintenance, recurrent maintenance and compliance for the common property and assets.

A Building Manager is a contractor engaged for provision of services and delivery of maintenance duties as prescribed within a Building Management Agreement and the Schedule of Duties outlined within that agreement.

  • Monitor compliance of the rules and maintain a log of breaches of the rules and breaches in security while onsite or as reported
  • Ascertain and be aware of the general condition of the common property and all machinery and other improvements on common property and keep the
  • Owners Corporation informed as to the condition of the common property
  • Perform works as outlined in the Schedule of Works or as agreed
  • Obtain quotes for property, material and services on behalf of the Owners Corporation regarding maintenance, cleaning and repair of Common Property as requested or established within the building management agreement.
  • Generally supervise performance of attending trades
  • Maintain a register for bookings for use of common area
  • Cleaning services per schedule of duties
  • Prepare activity reports to the Owners Corporation
  • Check and endorse any accounts operated on behalf of the Owners Corporation
  • Provide access to facilitate and record scheduled and emergency maintenance of common property and otherwise arrange as specified in the schedule of duties