Dealing with Building Management Rights During COVID-19

Due to the pandemic of COVID-19 there has been lots of confusion, anger and lack of communication about what to do with keeping building residents safe whilst our country tries to get back to a normal life, especially in Victoria. 


AMR Advisory are here to help. We help you strategize the best Building Management Rights solutions to cultivate growth and success within our client community by providing ongoing support and advice.


Our clients have the advantage of our Owners Corporation management origins and vast experience providing consulting services within all aspects of residential, mixed use and accommodation industries.


Our TOP 7 COVID-19 pandemic Building Management tips are:

    1. Lead by example and always wear a mask and appropriate PPE.
    2. Establish communication protocols with committee, residents, Owners Corporation managers and contractors regarding the pandemic restrictions.
    3. Prepare an agreed procedure with the Committee to manage emergencies, a case of COVID-19 or confirmed contact with COVID-19 by a resident or visitor to the building.
    4. Establish pedestrian traffic management protocols for visitors, contractors and residents to reduce person-to-person “contact”.
    5. Liaise with the Owners Corporation and seek approval to install appropriate signage and distance markers for compliance with social distancing requirements and hand sanitizer stations at building entries, lifts and other appropriate locations.
    6. Modify existing cleaning procedures to adapt to these changed circumstances such as utilizing disposable materials to wipe down high contact areas with sanitizing solutions that will not damage common property.
    7. Prepare recommendations for additional cleaning and or sanitizing services for the Owners Corporation to consider, such as increasing hours of attendance during the week to sanitize high contact areas.


It is always important to engage with the Owners Corporation and residents to establish and maintain a mutually respectful business relationship. However, it is more important now than ever to support residents and the Owners Corporation through these difficult times.


Ensure that you are up to date with the latest COVID-19 developments and attend Owners Corporation Meetings to assist with implementing changes.


At AMR Advisory, our purpose is to empower better living spaces by consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations with service, industry knowledge, and ongoing advice covering all aspects of Building Management and providing all stakeholders with the freedom to proceed with utmost confidence.


Our agency service to developers and building managers for off-the-plan and established projects of all sizes is designed to transform a necessary service into an asset for Building Managers as a business, Owners Corporations as an effective maintenance operations system, and Developers as a service designed specifically for the long-term benefit and needs of owners and residents.


We are the leading Building Management Rights strategists edifying the industry and specialise in structuring optimum management rights transactions in all areas of long-term building management agreements from concept to completion.


Discover how Building Management Rights can benefit your developments, owners corporations, and ongoing building management. Get in touch today on 1300 013 593 or


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