The Hidden Secret to Success: Communication

The Hidden Secret to Success: Communication

Experienced Building Management Rights Strategists, AMR Advisory, leads its business decisions and activities with the understanding of the importance of clear, concise and process-driven communication. The organisations key to success, AMR Advisory ascertains this structured skillset helps Building Managers and Owners Corporation stakeholders better understand people, situations and overcome diversities to deliver greater results across the board. More importantly, communication successfully builds trust, respect and creates an ideal environment for acute problem solving. As 2020 proved that, despite every effort to implement effective preparation and strategic planning, true challenges need to be met with calm, clear communication. That which is ineffective and or inadequate, in any industry, can result in misunderstanding, misinformation and, ultimately, can cause unnecessary and avoidable conflict.


Unfortunately, these communication problems are, often, only recognised once the working relationship is damaged beyond meaningful repair. For example, in the business of property management, a lack of fluid communication between Owners Corporation stakeholders and Building Managers could cause disrupt, resulting in the termination of contracts by the Owners Corporation due to misunderstanding and difficulty in finding a resolution. These scenarios can, however, be avoided through the development of an efficient and effective communication process, established in line with the Owners Corporation and its manager at the time of the contract commencement.


Operating under the firm belief that clear communication is the key to success, AMR Advisory shares its top tips to successful communication in business practices:

1. Listen

No one likes communicating with someone who cares only about the own opinion or perspective of their own. Nor do they appreciate working with people who do not take the time to listen to other parties with respect and diplomacy. Listening with the intention to understand, and not simply respond, will allow you to better process what you are being told in order to effectively action what is required of you. It is also advised you repeat your understanding back to the person you are speaking to in order to confirm the message has been interpreted correctly.


2. Clarity & Concision

Good verbal communication means saying just enough, but not over complicating the message. You should look to communicate the message in as few words as possible. Say what you need to say clearly and directly. If you are ambiguous, beat around the bush or over compensate, your listener will likely lose interest, or will be left confused and unsure of what you are trying to achieve.


3. Open-Mindedness

A good communicator will enter any conversation with a flexible and open mind. Try to understand the other person’s point of view, rather than simply deliver your message. By entering a discussion willingly, even with people with whom you disagree, you will be able to engage in more honest, productive conversations.


4. Respect

Being able to give and receive feedback appropriately is an important communication skill. Building Managers should look for ways to provide constructive feedback, recommendations and suggestions in a respectful, diplomatic and strategic professional manner.


5. Communication Medium

It is important to know what form of communication to use. There will be occasions where a simple phone call will suffice, but others will require communication in writing. Similarly, recognising what kind of conversation is required, such as one on the record, or a friendly chat, will help you in identifying the most apt medium for that time. Consider the person with whom you wish to speak, the importance of your message and whether that person has advised you of a preferred means of communication. When seeking an instruction, it is always appropriate to communication in writing, except in time-sensitive instances, where a phone call and follow up written confirmation of that conversation should be undertaken. Thoughtful action, such as a courtesy phone call to a Chairperson to confirm an action item has been completed may also be well received.


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